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In general, a Home page is the main page of a web site, or the first page seen when accessing a web site. See also Front page.

This document describes the Home page(s) as seen after a new webtrees installation.

webtrees Home page(s)

webtrees has a rich Home page structure, allowing the Administrator of the web site to extensively modify the appearance and content of Home pages from within. Unregistered guests are able to change the appearance of a home page using Themes. webtreescalls its Home pages “Front pages”, which come in two flavours:

  • the Home page of a registered user, seen only by that user – called MyPage in webtrees.
  • the Home page for a specific Family Tree, viewable by both unregistered guests and registered users.

Initial Home Page

The initial Home page of a webtrees site is the Family tree Home page of the default Family tree.

Home page Layout

Each webtrees Home page is laid out in three sections: a full width menu section across the top, with two vertical columns underneath. The left (wider) column is called the Main Section; the right column is called the Right Section.

Home page layout

Home page Appearance

The appearance or style of a webtrees Home page is called its “Theme”. See Themes.

Home page Content

The content of a webtrees home page is determined by the presence and location of predefined Blocks in the Main and Right sections. The Blocks CANNOT be selected, positioned, or edited by unregistered guests. The Blocks CAN be selected, positioned, and edited by registered users – see Configuring front page blocks.

HTML Blocks

HTML Blocks can be configured to include normal HTML links as well as variables. At the bottom of the HTML block configuration is a language selector option (similar to the FAQs). Selecting none of the languages actually activates the block in every language. If you select a particular language or set of languages, the block you configured will only appear on pages served under those languages.

Customize home page-1.jpg

Customise home page-2.jpg

Inset a picture in a HTML block:

Please note that this example shows the insertion of a picture on the right side of the text. Change the value of the style tag float: to left, to insert it on the left.

Customise home page-3.jpg

Customise home page-4.jpg

Create two columns in a HTML block:

The following HTML code:

Customise home page-6.jpg

will give that type of display:

Customise home page-5.jpg

Family Tree Home page(s)

Each Family tree has its own separate Home page, whose attributes may be controlled. If there’s more than one Family Tree, both unregistered guests and registered users may choose the Family Tree Home page they wish from the dropdown list which appears when hovering over the Home page icon HomePageIcon.png at the top of the page.

Technically, these links contain a query string as in webtrees/index.php?ctype=gedcom&ged=some surname

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